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DynaMapper is the worlds first and best interactive projection mapping software for Android and IOS. With DynaMapper, you can project any image and animation you like on your living room walls, front of your house even an entire building. No party will be complete without DynaMapper! Demo video is available at
- Easy and intuitive user interface- Rectangular and Bezier Mesh tools for mapping both rectangular and rounded surfaces.- Built in material pack for basic coloring / texturing.- Live playing! Be your own VJ, play with lights just like an instrument!
Map, tap, enjoy!
Please note:
- Requires a video projector and a suitable video connector. Please make sure that you can mirror your phones screen to the projector (via using a cable with an android device that supports MHL or using Screen Mirroring with a projector that supports Wi-fi). Application will not be useful without properly configured projector connection. - Valentines Day Content Pack can be downloaded from "". To add new content to the app, please follow the instructions on the website.- This application is designed to work in landscape orientation only.